“Tailor-made” designs

The core business of MJ-Tech is clearly specialized fogsystems. We design installations which create fog, necessary to control the humidity and to create additional cooling.

Therefore it is not surprising that we are strongly represented in horticulture. But also in industry and agriculture our products have already proven their value. Because of our knowledge and experience built up over many years, we are able to design customised installations. What makes us unique; We have the expertise to the entire process: From concept, engineering, production to installing and commissioning.

In short:

  • Relieve in superlative: More and more customers around the world acknowledge our quality, are convinced of the technique we use and the way of working. 
  • Characterised by a hands-on mentality.


The company name MJ-Tech was only known as from 2006, however the history leads back to the beginning of the twentieth century.

4 Family-generations have built up the company; My great-grandfather did start in Belgium, grandpa expanded the trade of technical goods and materials, and my father specialized in especially hardware business and agricultural mechanization since 1984.

At that time also a high-pressure fogsystem has been developed and traded for cooling and optimizing the humidity in greenhouses and poultry barns.

In addition to regular maintenance and overhaul work also high-pressure fogsystems were introduced in  industry. These were mainly used for treatments of dust and odor problems.
In 2005 the choice has been made to put the focus only on the high-pressure fogsystems  as we were known as a specialist in this market. Obviously a ‘new’ company deserves a ‘new’ name: As the founders, it was decided to use the initials of my parents (Marian and Jan), MJ-Tech was born!

Since my childhood I experienced a number of these developments, which resulted in my managing role as the fourth generation in this exciting company. Since mid-2015 we operate from our location on Vosdonk Business Park in Etten-Leur.

Ruud van Aperen – General Manager