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Quality is within MJ-Tech in every facet of the business particularly high. That is all about people and products and in order to have an optimal view, we are aware to keep all the expertise within the walls of our own business. We design and produce everything ourselves, nothing will be subcontracted. In that process we only apply advanced machinery and high quality material; in our case only stainless steel.

Quality is also the corporate social responsibility, the ‘green’ ideas that we pursue and especially the high quality service which is no exception. But the ultimate difference is, our enthousiastic and motivated team of professionals. They will continue till our customer is satisfied!

MJ-Tech BV

MJ-Tech: The ultimate reference in fogsystems

Family company

MJ-Tech is a family company which is experienced for more than 20 years with high-pressure fog systems. Since a few years, as the fourth generation Ruud is managing the business.


We design units which can create fog. These are produced of stainless steel components and only our own patented nozzle.

High pressure fogsystem

A high pressure mist system will ensure optimization and a more precise regulation of air humidity and temperature, which makes you more capable to direct the moisture absorption by the leaves of the crops.

Horticulture, Industry and Agriculture

We are strongly represented in the greenhouse horticulture. But also in industry and agriculture our products did already prove their clear added value.


MJ-TECH offers applications in the horticulture, Industry, Agriculture, Etc..

tuinbouw Horticulture

Master your climate
Plants exist for 80%-90% out of water. In addition to building material and transport, the cooling of the plant by evaporation is an important function of this water. A high pressure fog system will..

tuinbouw Industry

Smell- or odour nuisance
An important part of MJ-Tech is to develop de-smell systems as combat against smell- or odour nuisance. Unpleasant smells do not need to be harmful to health..

tuinbouw Agriculture

With the MJ-Tech spray system as “inside-cooling” is capable to cool in intensive farming  (without the manure getting wet). Our special MJ-Tech nozzles shall ensure that water…

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